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Lnc/ CircRNA name Cancer name Methods Expression pattern Mechanism Function Clinical Pubmed ID Details
circ_0000567 non small cell lung cancer qPCR up-regulated 32328186 details
circ_0006867 non small cell lung cancer qPCR down-regulated 32328186 details
circ_001275 esophageal cancer qPCR, Western blotting up-regulated 32319613 details
circPRRc2A renal cancer qPCR up-regulated 32292503 details
circ_0060745 colorectal cancer qPCR, RNA pull-down assay and luciferase assay up-regulated 32273712 details
circ_101237 Multiple Myeloma qPCR up-regulated 32256118 details
circccDc66 gastric cancer qPCR, luciferin reporter assays, biotin-coupled RNA pull-downs and fluorescence up-regulated 32253030 details
circ_0079662 colon cancer qPCR, Western blotting, dual-luciferase assay, miRNA pull-down assay, coimmunoprecipitation and ELASA up-regulated 32243061 details
circ_101237 liver cancer qPCR up-regulated 32226487 details
circFBXO11 liver cancer qPCR up-regulated 32222024 details
circ_012515 non small cell lung cancer qPCR up-regulated 32210630 details
circ_0001971 oral squamous cell carcinoma qPCR, RIP up-regulated 32196598 details
circHIPK3 bladder cancer qPCR down-regulated 32194801 details
circNFIX glioma qPCR up-regulated 32194140 details
circccDc66 colorectal cancer qPCR up-regulated 32187976 details
circDDX17 colorectal cancer qPCR, Western blotting down-regulated 32141542 details
circ_103762 non small cell lung cancer qPCR up-regulated 32118311 details
circcRIM1 nasopharyngeal cancer qPCR, RNA immunoprecipitation, luciferase reporter assay, pull-down assay up-regulated 32061262 details
circFNTA bladder cancer qPCR up-regulated 32052578 details
circATRNL1 oral squamous cell carcinoma Sanger sequencing, RNase R treatment down-regulated 32032888 details
circPVT1 lung adenocarcinoma qPCR, RNA pull-down assay up-regulated 31986409 details
circcELSR1 ovarian cancer qPCR, CCK8 assay, colony formation assay and cell apoptosis assay, western blotting up-regulated 31945729 details
circABcB10 lung cancer qPCR, CCK-8, colony formation, TUNEL and transwell assays up-regulated 31931771 details
circ_0009910 chronic myeloid leukemia qPCR, CCK8, western blot and RIP up-regulated 31923418 details
circFN1 gastric cancer qPCR up-regulated 31898357 details
circcDR1-AS lung adenocarcinoma qPCR up-regulated 31881486 details
circUcK2 prostate cancer qPCR up-regulated 31844675 details
circ_0002483 non small cell lung cancer qPCR down-regulated 31844042 details
circMTHFD2 gastric cancer qPCR, CCK-8 and luciferase reporter assay up-regulated 31841184 details
circFGFR1 non small cell lung cancer qPCR, CCK-8, clonal formation, wound healing, and Matrigel Transwell assays up-regulated 31815619 details
circ_0003418 liver cancer qPCR, western blot, CCK-8 assay, transwell migration assay, transwell invasion assay and drug-sensitivity analysis down-regulated 31807029 details
circ_0007841 multiple myeloma qPCR up-regulated 31803627 details
circESRP1 small cell lung cancer qPCR down-regulated 31728016 details
circSETDB1 ovarian cancer qPCR up-regulated 31686850 details
circ_0001546 gastric cancer qPCR, Pull-down assay and dual-luciferase reporter assay down-regulated 31668372 details
circ_0076305 non small cell lung cancer qPCR, western blot up-regulated 31647948 details
circ_0035483 renal cancer qPCR, western blot differential expressed 31492499 details
circcdr1as ovarian cancer qPCR down-regulated 31479922 details
circKDM4c breast cancer qPCR down-regulated 31406252 details
circPAN3 Acute Myeloid Leukemia qPCR down-regulated 31401408 details
circ_101505 liver cancer qPCR down-regulated 31372241 details
circBMPR2 breast cancer qRT-PCR ,luciferase reporter assay ,RIP ,microarray ,actinomycin D and RNase R treatment ,MTT Assay ,colony formation assay ,cell-cycle assay ,cell Apoptosis Analysis ,wound-healing assay ,transwell migration and invasion assays ,subcellular fractionation location down-regulated 31302495 details
circ_0109320 non small cell lung cancer qRT-PCR ,RNase R treatment ,circRNA microarray up-regulated 31285870 details
circ_0001946 non small cell lung cancer qRT-PCR ,western blot ,RIP ,RNase R treatment ,sanger sequencing ,FISH ,cell viability, proliferation, and apoptosis assays ,cell clone formation, migration, and invasion assays ,drug sensitivity Assay ,host-cell reactivation assay down-regulated 31249811 details
circ_0006168 small cell lung cancer qRT-PCR ,dual-luciferase reporter assay ,RIP ,circRNA microarray ,CCK-8 assay ,colony formation assay ,transwell assays ,RNase R treatment assay up-regulated 31229921 details
circEIF3as lung cancer qRT-PCR ,western blot ,RIP ,RNA RNase R treatment differential expressed 31197975 details
circ_0025202 breast cancer qRT-PCR ,western blot ,luciferase reporter assay ,RIP ,actinomycin D and RNase R treatment ,cell viability assay and cytotoxicity assay ,colony formation assay ,migration assay ,cell apoptosis assay ,Immunohistochemistry down-regulated 31153828 details
circcdr1as bladder cancer qRT-PCR ,luciferase reporter assay ,western blot ,RIP ,microarray ,cell apoptosis assays ,biotin-coupled probe pull-down assay ,FISH ,immunohistochemistry down-regulated 31131537 details
circ_104075 glioma qRT-PCR ,western blot ,CCK-8 assay ,proliferation assay ,apoptosis assay down-regulated 31112718 details
circ_0005075 hepatocellular cancer qRT-PCR ,western blot ,dual-luciferase reporter assay ,RIP ,flow cytometric assay,cell proliferation assay ,colony formation assay ,migration and invasion assay ,pull-down assay up-regulated 31054187 details
circ_0005379 oral squamous cell carcinoma qRT-PCR ,western blot ,CCK-8 assay ,5-ethynyl-2??deoxyuridine (EdU) incorporation assay ,migration and invasion assays ,tube formation assay ,flow cytometry ,wound-healing assay down-regulated 31035951 details
circAKT3 gastric cancer qPCR,luciferase reporter assay,RNA-seq,western blot up-regulated 30927924 details
circ_0081143 gastric cancer luciferase reporter assay,microarray up-regulated 30733646 details
circ_0001427 prostate cancer qPCR down-regulated 30674872 details
circ_0060060 thyroid cancer qPCR,western blot,luciferase reporter assay differential expressed 30540564 details
circBARD1 breast cancer qRT-PCR, Cell proliferation assay, Cell cycle distribution analysis, Cell apoptosis assay, Western blot, Dual luciferase report assay, Immunofluorescence (IF), Animal experiment down-regulated 30521417 details
circ_0004015 non small cell lung cancer qRT-PCR, dual luciferase activity assay up-regulated 30509491 details
circ_0000285 bladder cancer qPCR down-regulated 30509102 details
circPAN3 acute myeloid leukemia CCK-8, qRT-PCR, Western blot analysis, Luciferase assay up-regulated 30395908 details
circ_001569 osteosarcoma RT??PCR, Cell proliferation assay, Cell colony formation assay, Western blot up-regulated 30344736 details
circ_0081001 osteosarcoma qRT-PCR up-regulated 30263004 details
circBA9.3 chronic lymphocytic leukemia 3D-dPCR, qRT-PCR, Flow cytometry analyses of apoptotic cells, Western blots up-regulated 30224298 details
circBA9.3 chronic lymphocytic leukemia qPCR, western blot, other up-regulated 30224298 details
circPVT1 Osteosarcoma qPCR, western blot, other up-regulated 29559849 details
circMTO1 Breast Cancer qPCR, western blot, RNAi, other up-regulated 30015883 details
circ 0006528 breast cancer qRT-PCR, Western blotting up-regulated 28803498 details
circSMARcA5 prostate cancer RNA interference and transient transfection, PCR, Cell proliferation assay, Cell cycle and annexin V-FITC apoptosis assay up-regulated 28765045 details