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Lnc/ CircRNA name Cancer name Methods Expression pattern Mechanism Function Clinical Pubmed ID Details
circANKS1B triple negative breast cancer qRT-PCR, Fluorescence in situ hybridization, Wound healing and transwell assays, Immunoblot analysis, RIP, Biotinylated RNA pull-down assay, Luciferase reporter assay, ChIP, Immunohistochemistry (IHC), Animal studies up-regulated 30454010 details
circciRS-133 gastric cancer Transmission electron microscopy assay, Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis, qRT-PCR, Northern blotting analysis, FISH, Immuno-precipitation, Western blotting, Oil red O staining, Luciferase assay, Immunohistochemistry, H&E staining up-regulated 30412280 details
circ_0074362 glioma Transwell assay, qRT-PCR,, Tumor xenografts in nude mice, Luciferase reporter assay up-regulated 30388035 details
circ_104075 hepatocellular cancer Mouse experiments, Western blotting, qPCR, Dual-luciferase analysis, ChIP, RNA-IP assay, Cell viability and colony formation assay, ELISA up-regulated 30361504 details
circPRMT5 urothelial cancer RT-PCR, Western blot, RIP up-regulated 30305293 details
circ_0052112 breast cancer RT-qPCR, Cell migration assays, Cell invasion assay, Dual luciferase activity assay, FISH up-regulated 30257349 details
circ_103809 colorectal cancer qRTePCR, Western blot, Cell proliferation assay, Cell migration assay down-regulated 30249393 details
circ_0061140 ovarian cancer Cell Proliferation Assay, Western Blotting, Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization, Wound-Healing Assay, Transwell Migration Assay, Luciferase Reporter Assay, RT-qPCR up-regulated 30236833 details
circciRS-7 esophageal squamous cell carcinoma qRT-PCR, Over expression of ciRS-7, Cell proliferation test, Cell migration and invasion assay, Western blot up-regulated 30207835 details
circ_001569 non small cell lung cancer qPCR, western blot, Other up-regulated 29928432 details
circHIPK3 nasopharyngeal cancer qPCR, Other up-regulated 30070690 details
circHIPK3 Colorectal Cancer qPCR, luciferase reporter assay, other up-regulated 29549306 details
circSHKBP1 glioma qPCR, western blot, luciferase reporter assay, RIP, other up-regulated 29499945 details
circ_0000177 Glioma qPCR, luciferase reporter assay, Other up-regulated 30010402 details
circcDR1as hepatocellular cancer qPCR, Cell cycle progression assay, Cell proliferation assay, Wound healing assay, Cell invasion assay, Cell adhesion assay, Western blot analysis, RNA-FISH analysis down-regulated 28892615 details
circ_400071 gastric cancer qRT-PCR up-regulated 28184940 details
circ_000543 gastric cancer qRT-PCR up-regulated 28184940 details
circ_001959 gastric cancer qRT-PCR down-regulated 28184940 details
circMYLK bladder cancer PCR differential expressed 27363013 details