Cite Us: Wei Y, Zhang S, Shang S, Zhang B, Li S, Wang X, et al. SEA: a super-enhancer archive [J]. Nucleic acids research. 2016, 44(D1):D172-9.
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Super-Enhancer Archive is a web based comprehensive resource focuses on the collection, storage and online analysis of super-enhancers. Our mission is to provide a curated set of information datasets for super-enhancers and tools in mutiple genomes, to support and promote research in this area. Especially, we provide a genome-scale landscape to show super-enhancer information in a scalable and flexible manner.

   Currently, Super-Enhancer Archive consists of super-enhancers in Human, Mouse and two key model organisms,including 75, 439 human super-enhancers, 5, 879 mouse super-enhancers, 1, 774 D. melanogaster super-enhancers and 904 C. elegans super-enhancers respectively. Super-Enhancer Archive supports analysis and chart view of these datasets, download for further analysis and can be even easily visualized in the genome browser (SEA-Browser).

   Further information of citation, updates and statistics are available in this page. This site is updating regularly.

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